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New Advanced Achievements

Have you already completed all the vanilla achievements/advancements & wanted to redo them or have more?

Well, Wildcraft is proud to announce that dozens of unique achievements, some with custom rewards, have been added to the server for those of you that wish to continue setting goals & to give survival more of an appeal.

Do "/aach list" for more details

Greetings Wildcraft

The staff have been hearing from multi players that there has been a lot of lag over the passed while. Rest assured this issue hasn't been disregarded. The staff team have been hard at work trying to resolve this in a timely manner.

Ever since we've been notified, we have been hard at work replacing outdated plugins, updating existing plugins & testing several changes to pin point the cause. We've also been trying to keep a close watch on the server console to see what happens in the moments before the lag occurs.

Ranker seems to save player data while the lag is at it's highest point. I've been looking into a possible replacement by testing several similar player stat plugins but most seem are either outdated, not fully functional or just wouldn't work with the earnable rank system. If these issues continue to where we can't resolve the issue, WC might be forced to retire the rank system temporarily or even permanently.

The server has for the passed while had certain features that were glitchy at best.

Some of the changes/fixes:

- Fixed /recipe for WandererII & all donors -

- Lucky blocks skulls work again [main & nether world only] -

- Replaced an outdated rank colour plugin -

- Tablist player names are plain for now -

- /hat is fixed -

Please report any other issues that may not be working properly to staff. The faster its report. the quicker it will be fixed. Thanks

LuckyBlock Nether Hunt

Lucky Blocks are now working as they should & I thought what better way to celebrate then to have a lucky block hunt in the nether.

The only catch is that you'll have to go to coords x=0, y=100, z=0 to locate the the main gateway to the nether. Once you're in the nether, outside the protected area there will be dozens of lucky blocks spread out, some in plan sight, others not so much. 

Don't miss your chance at some great rewards or some deadly traps wink

- = Goodluck everyone = -

Congratulations to the Winter Snowman Contest winners

They were awesome :)

1st - EliMagmum

2nd - KiraJaide007

3rd - Catii99*

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