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A cookie a day keeps the parrots away...
*GASP* Could it be,,,?
Something big maybe happening in WC around 12:30pm EST today ;)
aha thanks phul, now all i need is dynamic surrounds! XD
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Holiday Sale Coming Soon

nexlemav Adminonline posted Jun 15, 17  -  canada daycelebrateholidayindependence daysaleweb sale

As Independence Day & Canada Day are fast approaching, what better way to show our appreciation to our Northern American members & entire community then to offer most, if not all items in the webstore at a reduced cost. 15% - 50% off

The sale will run the entire first week of July

Have a safe & exciting holiday everyone.

Thanks again for being a valued member of our great community!

Melacraft26 SettlerII
Melacraft26 @ Wildcraft Serenity

Mansion Deco Winners

nexlemav Adminonline posted Jun 11, 17

Mansion Deco Winners

1st - Glenjamin80

2nd - LMrAnderson7

3rd - Ariel76

Congratulations to all of you that spent the time to make such great builds. 

The next contest/comp will be posted in the next coming weeks.

MC 1.12 Info

nexlemav Adminonline posted Jun 7, 17

In Regards to Minecraft 1.12

As many of you may or may not know, Mojang is releasing Minecraft 1.12 today.

Wildcraft will be staying with 1.11.2 until all our plugins are running properly without causing errors or crashing the server. Fyi, if a major plugin isnt updated properly it could cause server file corruption which is bad.

If you wish to play both versions, be sure in your Minecraft launcher you change back to a proper 1.11.2 version before trying to connect with Wildcraft or it won't allow you to join.

Unfortunately there isn't an ETA of when WC will be updated

~ WC Staff

nexlemav Adminonline Still waiting on an important plugin to be fixed. The developers believed that it would work in MC 1.12 but nothing ran ...
nexlemav Adminonline Im doing one final backup of the server in 1.11.2 then we will be updating to 1.12 though InfernalMobs, MobCatcher &...
meLforty SettlerI Can't wait for this =)

Double Jeopardy Weekends

nexlemav Adminonline posted May 9, 17

This coming weekend will start Wildcraft's Double Jeopardy weekends which allows all players to receive double the exp & money in all jobs.

Don't miss your chance to earn more!

glenjamin80 Ethereal this was awesome, thanks
nexlemav Adminonline Runs Saturday morning to Sunday night
nexlemav Adminonline Its already started. Saw it post itself in chat around 1am

Decorate/Modify Comp.

nexlemav Adminonline posted Apr 17, 17

Greetings & Salutations Wildcraft

Over the past several contests that have been held there hasnt been to much activity in regards to players joining but hopefully this is all about to change. How you may ask? Due to the recent addition of the DiceFurniture plugin which has allowed WC to take a massive leap forward in building by adding dozens of new items to the server. 

Use "/furniture list" to access a wider range of items, such as sunshades, campfires, bulletin boards, etc.

Starting April 22nd to May 31st, you'll have 5-6 weeks to modify an existing mansion plot @ /warp contests (kinda like the old Village Modification Comp from last year). Just furnish the mansion as you wish, modify rooms, build anything around the mansion you want. The sky aka build height is the limit.

Contact an Admin to be added to the contest list. I hope to see you there :D 

Prizes are as follow:


1 pet of your choice

700 enjin points

1k money

200 levels to any mcmmo


400 enjin points

1k money

100 levels to any mcmmo


200 Enjin points

$500 money

50 levels to any mcmmo

Lukaka Ethereal First off, Sunshades are not an option in /furniture list. Nore are hammocks. Secondly. When can we expect these items i...
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