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The winter holiday sale will be running for the entire month of December as a special thank you to the entire community that make Wildcraft a truly amazing server for all.

Most major items & ranks will be on sale @ 15 - 40% off

Have a safe & wonderful happy holidays everyone

❄ Seasons Greetings Wildcraft

 Winter Build Contest ❄

Wildcraft is going to be hosting a fun Winter build contest. Everyone wishing to join will be able to participate including all staff. Please keep reading for more details: 

Since the seasons change, so shall our contests. The theme is very simple, build your best snowman. Plots have been set to a snowy & icy flat ground so wear your warmest clothing & best non-slip boots.


Theme:  ❄ Do you want to build a Snowman ❄

Style: Whatever you Desire. Let it snow, let it snow. let it snow!

Time3 Weeks  (November 30th - December 21st)

Resources: You will be building in the Creative Contest plots @ /warp contests


Please contact an Admin to participate. You will not be able to build until you are added to the contest by an Admin.

- - . =  Prizes  = . - -

First Place

$35,000 of in game currency

750 Webstore Points

150 Mcmmo levels to one skill

Second Place 

$15,000 of in game currency

450 Webstore Points

100 Mcmmo levels to one skill

Third Place

$5,000 of in game currency

150 Webstore Points

50 Mcmmo levels to one skill

For more info, please contact nexlemav

Introducing Estoria 2.0!

Many of you will know Estoria as it was, it now has expanded and it is bigger and better!

Using Whitey's original concept, Estoria now includes many new and rare trades for all your needs!

Estoria now includes plenty of trades to enable you to trade in the items you have too many of for useful items.

There are now also traders that offer an alternate recipe to expensive to make items!

To get there visit /warp portals!

Questing Fun!

phulishone SuperMod
phulishone @ Wildcraft Serenity
 -  AdventureDungeon crawlMMONEWNew FunNPC'sQuestingQuestsWildcraft

Hello Wildcraft!


There are now more then 100 Quest written and up and running ranging from the most basic to the chain style that takes you from zone to zone.  Even starter quests at spawn!  To find all the quest zones go to Event Center top and Look for Frank, yes Frank.  For just 100$ he will take you to to ether the new Dungeon or Stonehenge.  You can get to the Fishing Village though the portals for even more Questing madness!!!!  

I have been busy creating questing areas for you to explore and have fun in!  The first one is right outside of /warp portals.  As you can see a new DUNGEON entrance has appeared next to a volcano.  Go there look around and explore and have fun doing the quest in the first of many questing area!  Most quest are repeatable every 24 hours some take 3-7 days to refresh.  Some are one time only.  So sit back and enjoy this new feature of Wildcraft!  This will be the first of many to come!  

If you are having trouble finding the questing area then go talk to Frank at the Event Center.  He will gladly take you there for a small fee!


This coming weekend will start Wildcraft's Double Jeopardy weekends which allows all players to receive double the exp & money in all jobs.

Don't miss your chance to earn more!

nexlemav Admin  published Winter Holiday Sale on News
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