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Minecraft 1.13 Released

At the moment, Wildcraft will be remaining in 1.12.2 for the time being to allow all of our features to be updated, tested & tweaked if need be.

Unfortunately, one major plugin that might be leaving us is our Pets plugin due to unforeseen changes in updates to their 1.13 Pets versions. I'll be reviewing and compensating everyone but that will take some time to process.

Here is so further info from Spigot whom supplies the Minecraft server run file:

Starting July 1st, to celebrate one of the greatest times of the year with the warmer weather upon us, Independence Day & Canada Day being right around the corner, most major items & ranks will be on sale @ 15 - 40% off

Sale ends July 31st, 2018

Thank you all for continuing to make Wildcraft so wonderful 

Dragon Realm Update

As a way to improve the payout when killing off the Ender Dragon minor changes have been made.

Every 12 hours starting 12am EST, players will have a chance to become the Ultimate Dragon Slayer when killing Glaurung the Dragon.

Comes with more exp & $$

Visit the Dragon Realm by right clicking the "DragonRealm" NPC at /spawn

Contest Winners April 2018

 Nature Walk 

1st Place - AgentDisney

2nd Place - Melacraft

3rd Place - Ronniecraft

Great builds to not just the winners but all of you that joined the April contest

Congrats to AgentDisney, Melacraft26 & Ronniecraft for taking the top 3 places

Please contact Nexlemav for rewards

Wildcraft 1.13 Update

In the coming weeks, Minecraft 1.13 (Aquatic) will be set to be released, where some changes will be taking place in our community regarding players & server features. Once the official release is available, Wildcraft will need to give the developers time to update their plugins before we can update too.

Firstly, the economy has become severely unbalanced due to past glitches/bugs which made it easy for players to obtain massive $$$ for doing next to nothing. The staff have discussed this in detail & we believe a server wide reset of Jobs stats & economy would be beneficial to everyone. This will give players the opportunity to compete against one another equally.

Secondly, as many updates go, depending on how active the developer is in caring for their plugin some updates may take longer then other so that is why there won't be a set time of when Wildcraft finally moves to the newest 1.13 version of Minecraft.

Lastly, the main spawn world as we know it is still going to stay intact. Once Wildcraft has updated to 1.13 there will be a new world accessible thru a gate portal in the main building @ spawn. Be assured that your inventories & items will be safe & you'll be able to transfer them between worlds.

I hope this has eased everyone's minds in regards to questions about the future of our server

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