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Now that everyone has had time to settle in to our newest 1.13 world, what better way to celebrate our community then to join in our first contest of 2019. But, what could the theme possibly be to enjoy these new beginnings? With the most recent Minecraft update being "The Aquatic Update" then we shall too have an Aquatic themed contest.

Sunken ships, large aquariums, a beach resort, etc.

The possibilities are endless!

Theme: Aquatic Update

Style: Anything based around the 1.13 update

Duration: 3 weeks (Feb 7th - 28th, 2019)

Resources: You will be building in the Creative Contest plots. Portal @ /spawn

You'll be able to spawn mobs in plots

Please contact an Admin to participate. You will not be able to build until you are added to the contest by an Admin.

For more info, please contact nexlemav

Hello, PhulishOne here, I have been working hard to build a new round of quests.  I have started the Daily Quests.  To help out with this, Jay & Silent Bob have left from their usual spot in front of the Quick Stop & now are in spawn offering a helping hand by offering daily quests.  After you check out what they have to offer go to the boat in spawn & speak to Captain Ron to help you travel to the new Quest Zone!

The winner's last build competition of the 1.12.2 map [AgentDisney] has the zone up and running!  Right now there are about 4 quest givers up and running with one Mini Event.   New quests will be added weekly until the zone is bursting with fun and excitement.  The Dungeon is up and running as of this morning.  It can be repeated every week and offers a unique set of rewards that can only be earned by completing the dungeon.

Remember that each quest pays out 1 -3 quest points. To join some advanced quests,they will cost quest points. Coming soon is a quest point shop where you can buy other cool things with you quest points such as random Infernal drops & the like!

Wildcraft now has a new way of taming pets which offers many additional features

More details here -

Greetings & Salutations all,

We have some big news, after some major discussions & planning over these last several weeks, Wildcraft is almost ready to move forward into the Aquatic era of Minecraft. This is my second time writing this since Enjin finds it funny to remove a very detailed thread while I was trying to post it. The staff team have been going over the pros & cons of our great community to decide what would be the best way of moving forward. We have decided after so many years of wreaking havoc on our current survival world, that a reset is in order to give a fresh start to all.

Why & what is being reset?

WC has been on the same build world since Jan 2016, this has had several ill affects on world structure due to having multiple MC versions, countless individuals joining then leaving half finished builds & updating/switching out plugins which can make the world have major issues over time. A reset of our spawn build world will allow us to rid ourselves of world gen bugs, faulty chunks & allow for more stability & a healthier server. Economy, Jobs, Mcmmo levels, etc are just some items being reset.

Ranks have been reworked slightly, donor & earnables alike. All current ranks will still be in affect once WC updates to 1.13 but earnables are now on a vote based rankup system, not gameplay, mcmmo lvls or mob kills. 

What will happen to the existing build worlds?

WC will be starting fresh which means we are resetting the worlds, Overworld, Nether & Ends.

Also, after careful consideration, Kingdoms of WC will be ending. Those of you whom have bought plots in the past 12 months thru the webstore, message me (Nexlemav#3960) on Discord to continue.

Which worlds are not resetting?

Freebuild, Contests, Mini Games.

The Serenity Arcade won't open right away.

Will our items/builds be transferred to the new 1.13 world?

No, items/builds will NOT be moved.

How do I get to the new 1.13 world?

The new world will be the main /spawn point.

The border will be as it is now 85k x 85k.

Can I have a copy of the current build server?

Due to the enormous size of the world file, which is >100 gbs, it would be impossible to file share it.

When will the updated world be available?

I'll be pre-generating a 1.13.x world once ready.

I'm also testing all our plugins to make sure they are stable.

We are hoping to be in 1.13.x before the end of the month

What changes have been made to our plugins?

A change log will be listed below outlining some of the major changes to WC's features.

Disabled until update but not guaranteed to return plugins are:

Custom Enchantments, Fishing Comps & some vote rewards.

What will happen to my bought items from the webstore?

All donor ranks, spawners, Mcmmo ability perks will carry over without being reset.

Ask Staff to replace Spawners

What will happen with existing Towns?

You will be able to start a fresh new Towny town easier then before with lowered costs.

Anyone with a Town will receive a FREE portal located off spawn with some restrictions

Now only costs $2k to start a Town, instead of $10k

The staff team & I do realize that this is a very big step to take that will affect everyone & not everyone will be happy with this move forward. I know a lot of you have spent countless hours on your builds over the months, even years. I've actually put off a server reset such as this for over a year trying to work around existing world issues & wouldn't do this if we didn't believe it was absolutely the best move to take for the long term stability of Wildcraft.

Change log as of October 2nd, 2018

- 1.13 world will be a fresh start
- Players can join WC on multiple MC versions (1.8-1.13.x)
- New server command "/ranks" shows rank info [Earnable Requirements]
- All Economy/Inventories, mcmmo levels & Job stats have been reset
- Earnable Ranks are now on a Voting based system. Current ranks will remain
- Vote Rewards reworked. The higher the rank, the better the rewards!
- Slightly balanced earned rank perks plus future additions to come.
- Premium New NPC Heads Shop @ Spawn [Collect 18k+ heads]
- Max Jobs to join has been decreased to 2 from 3
- Towny Town residents are no longer tax exempt due to lower start cost $2k
- New Towny Player Portals available @ Spawn for Free. Some restricitons apply
- Custom Enchantments has failed to update. Aim for some OP vanilla enchants for now
- Infernal mobs haven't been fully updated. Minor issues with drops.
- Crazy Auctions (/ah) has failed to update. Claim a shop in the marketplace instead
- Player Shops - View our new Marketplace @ spawn.
- NEW player shop system allows players to build a unique shop in a public location.
- Spawnable items are removed from ranks due to rule breakers.
- Nether & End worlds have been reset. Player controlled w/ minimal staff interaction.
- Nether roof no longer accessible. Tp'd to safe nether location if near the roof.
- Void no longer kills players. You'll be tp'd back to Spawn
- LWC is under new developement. Chest/Door Protection is still alive
- Griefprevention claim blocks per hour has increased from 10 to 60
- GP Claims have been restricted to Spawn world & Creative world only.
- Mcmmo has a visual progress bar (Like a temp boss bar)
- Simple Pets & Vampires have been removed due to plugin conflicts. Refunds were given for pets.
- Premium SuperTrailsPro plugin added. A load more features.
- [WC BOT] now controls server restarts (Chat & Title screen notifications)
- & more changes to come!

Greetings Wildcraftians!

This is just a minor post to update everyone on the progress of Wildcraft moving into 1.13.x. Though Minecraft 1.13 has been released, Spigot 1.13 still isn't stable enough.

We are currently waiting on Enjin to update their integral EMP plugin, which for the most part connects our website to our server, which is an important item to document player time, voting rewards & other important server side features.

Close to all of our plugins have been updated to 1.13 but many changes have taken place to get us where we are so far.  Some features had to be retired & some re-setup as if they were new due to extreme configuration changes

Post any concerns/questions in the comments below. Keep an eye on this section for future updates

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